Rihanna S&M Music Video banned by YouTube ?

Thursday, 3 February 2011

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Rihanna's latest music video S & M has reportedly video been banned by the video-sharing website, YouTube, not just one country event by 11 countries, been banned video. Some radio stations Including BBC Radio 1 are waiting for its edited version before taking it live on air. In the video, the singer is seen in a series of latex outfits while playing out perform certain S & M fantasies. YouTube users are split on the video, with Some claiming that it is close to being pornography.

Viewers get to watch the cute pop singer, dressed in newsprint, being dragged into a room full of journalists. The clip does not get too explicit, but bondage imagery abounds and the singer struts around in a dominatrix outfit while brandishing a whip.

He has tangled with many problems since 2009, After the Chris Brown incident, then new rumors have surfaced questioning the singer Rihannas Sexuality earlier though Provocative poses in the sex text photos the which appeared on the Web a few days ago.

However, if you want Rihanna's video watching, Rihanna has already got the S&M video posted on Rihannanow.com.


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