Kim Kardashian is Lie !!! That her boobs are completely 100 percent real

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

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Do you remember about the statement that Kim's breast is real ? If you've read or heard recent interview with reality star Kim Kardashian, you know that she claims that her BOOBS are real. On chest during a Thursday appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight with older sis Kourtney, :

“There’s a lot of plastic surgery rumors that swirl and I’m the first one to be super honest. And so everyone was talking about that, saying that they must be, you know, fake..They are real, they are completely 100 percent real.”

The truth? "They are real," says Kim, in the video above. "They are completely 100 percent real."

And when host Piers Morgan tells the reality star, "You just look like you must have had [surgery]," she responds, "That's what Spanx and masking tape are for."

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Kim Kardashian claims her boobs are ‘completely 100 percent real’

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Kim Kardashian denies plastic surgery rumours: “My breasts are 100 per cent real”

I got word from MTO Word, mediatakeout, that Kim's statement was a lie ! :
"Cause a lil birdie sent us the EVIDENCE. Oh, and to all those who think it's fake - or that it isn't Kim. Please do a google search for her and Ray J's tape - REFRESH YOUR RECOLLECTION as to the color and shape of her NIPS."


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