Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!' star Tura Satana Dies at 72

Sunday, 6 February 2011

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In Reno, Nevada, Tura Satana last breath at age 72. The cause of death was believed to be heart failure. She was best known as one of the stars of Russ Meyer's Faster, exploitation film Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Her Asian background and looks and the fact That she developed an early led to frequent harassment and assaults, at Pascual Yamaguchi born in Hokkaido, Japan, to a father of Japanese and Filipino descent and a mother WHO was Cheyenne Indian and Scots-Irish.

An Enduring cult actress still beloved by many fans due to her take-no-prisoners attitude and aggressive femininity, Also she dated Elvis and even turned down his marriage proposal.


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