Miley Cyrus has done photo spread for Playboy

Sunday, 9 January 2011

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Miley Cyrus has done photo spread for Playboy! Hugh Hefner has been trying to sign her up to pose naked in Playboy after her 18th birthday. Finally, with the approval of Miley Cyrus’ parents (Billy Ray and Tish), it’s a done deal to pose naked in Playboy – according to reports out of Arizona. The photos were taken the day after her 18th birthday by Playboy’s top photographers, including Vlad Comito. The concept was approved by Hef himself, who says that Miley’s photo spread, will become a worldwide sensation.

Miley Cyrus has done photo spread for Playboy

WWN can confirm that the rumors about Billy Ray, playing a tuba, appearing in the background of some of Miley’s Playboy photos are completely false, though they may be true.

WWN can also confirm that Billy Ray asked Hef if Playboy would dedicate an entire Playboy issue to him. “I’ve always wanted to appear naked in Playboy. I know it’s for guys, but I’m so damn good-looking, I deserve a spread and everyone deserves to be able to look at me naked!”

The Miley Playboy issue will be on newsstands starting three months and five days after her 18th birthday: February 28th, 2011. (source)


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