Lea Michele Shows Skin in Cosmopolitan Cover

Sunday, 6 February 2011

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I still remember when time ago Lea Michele's showing off her body once again on a magazine cover. It was hot, a lot of people screaming with sweat see Lea Michele and her costars Glee stripped for photographer Terry Richardson. For the month of March, he poses a very provocative on two covers of Cosmopolitan magazine. On the cover, rocking Lea is very deep-cut top, revealing a whole lot of chest all the way to her navel.

"Everyone thinks That everyone is sleeping with everyone," she admits in a new interview with "Cosmopolitan" magazine, posted online today. "We Spend every minute of every day together, and Pls we're finished, We all go out to dinner, so of course, They think we're hooking up."

"I'm so thankful That does not Happen," Lea reveals. "If people hooked up, there'd be awkward tension."

A spokeswoman for Hearst, Cosmo's publishing company, noted That Cosmo's intended audience is Adults, and They have no regrets Regarding Lea Michele's cover. The rep toll FOX411, "We're thrilled to feature Lea Michele on the March cover of Cosmopolitan magazine and think she looks stunning. Michele is a Grown Woman and Cosmopolitan is a magazine for Adults. "

The adult women read Cosmo WHO acres Also a large part of Michele's fan base. The viewer demographics for Glee is not limited to just young viewers; it Happens to appeal to kids and Their Grandparents all the Same.

image : celebuzz.com


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