Diane Kruger Strips Off For a Series of CQ Magazine

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

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Just a piece of fur draped over her and a pair of chunky boots DIANE KRUGER has stripped for a revealing spread in GQ. She is promoting her new thriller with Liam Neeson, 'Unknown,' The March issue sees Diane Kruger posing nude, albeit for some luscious looking furs. Diana Kruger say this photo shoot is going to do wonders for her.

In conversation, she is much more Bridget von Hammersmark than Helen of Troy: It's easier to imagine her matching you shot for shot than launching a thousand ships. In her new film, the stolen-identity thriller Unknown, she stars alongside Liam Neeson—though to hear her tell it, "alongside" isn't quite the word. "I'm five foot seven, but Liam's about six foot...I dunno, ten? He's like a bus next to me." Funny, we forgot he was even on the screen. source : CQ


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