Justin Bieber Heart's Containt

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

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Live young singer Justin Bieber whose upper on the sky is her popularity, changed drastically. Behind all that glitters, recently the singer of 'Baby' reveal the contents of his heart. He was 16 years old, but must be willing to live away from their mothers. However, he claimed never to complain about it.

Justin is enjoying his worldwide success, but he accepts that his fame comes at a price and knows he has a responsibility to his fans.

Bieber also testified how he assumed celebrity status often makes it should always put a cheerful face, though her mood is actually far from happy. "Even though I'm angry, I should still put a smile on his face. I knew I had to give up my personal life," he said.

He explained to the February edition of Vanity Fair magazine: “It’s hard to really balance myself. A regular kid, if he catches the flu, he just gets to go home. But I can’t do that … Everything is important. But, you know, my sanity is important, too. Even if I’m angry, I’ll just put a smile on my face and fake it. I don’t often fake it - what’s me is me. I know I have to give up a lot of myself, or a lot of a private life.”


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