Finally ... Ariel Peterpan sentenced to 3 years 6 months to Jail

Sunday, 30 January 2011

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Ariel sentenced to 3 years 6 months to Jail & Fine Rp250 Million Decision porn video case with the defendant Nazril Irham. Indonesia's first celebrity sex scandal is set put the country's controversial anti-pornography laws..

Defendant cases distributing Ariel's pornographic videos was sentenced to 3 years 6 months imprisonment. In addition, Ariel was also fined Rp. 250 million or imprisonment for a maximum 3 months in jail if not satisfy the penalties.

He is the first celebrity to be charged under Indonesia's strict pornography law that came into effect in 2008.
Ariel denied distributing the videos, saying they had been stolen.

Ariel had made three sex videos featuring him and separately, two female celebrities.

Judges assess aggravating things is Ariel not regret his actions. While the ease Ariel, that he was young.

"Still have time to fix his behavior," he added. In its consideration, the judges assess the Ariel meet the elements allowing the Reza aka Redjoy to spread the video.

"The defendant was reckless, to store video recordings, let alone the video that is on an external hard disk."

Ariel is also not carefully, he did not really make a maximum effort to remove the his video mesum  it on his hard disk.

Luna Maya and other artist attended the court verdict Ariel-Luna's porn video case. Luna was wearing t-shirts 'Freedom Ariel', also listen to the trial judge, Singgih Budi Prakoso.

Currently undergoing trial, Ariel face look puffy and his eyes filled with tears. Luna also had to cry as she looked at her boyfriend before the trial began.


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