Anna Benson : Kris Benson's Hot Baseball Wife to Retire

Friday, 14 January 2011

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Anna Benson long ago established herself as one of the hottest wives in all of baseball. Kris Benson announced his retirement from baseball. Anna Benson and the Craziest Hotties In Sports. Anna Benson, Wife of Kris Benson, Will Leave Baseball World. Kris Benson's hot baseball wife outshines him in retirement. Scandalous Baseball Husband and Wife to Retire. Hot Pics and Info of Anna Benson Wife of Kris Benson

Anna Benson, wife of newly retired MLB pitcher Kris Benson, enjoyed being popular. That means Benson’s outspoken wife Anna Benson will be retiring from her job outshining her average-athlete husband with her scandalous photos and shocking remarks.

She was once a stripper from, yep. Atlanta, Georgia (Born :February 12, 1976 in Atlanta, Georgia). She is an American model, being named Baseball’s Sexiest Wife by FHM, her outrageous comments and her revealing work as a “model” that got the 34-year-old so much attention.

Maybe Kris Benson will come out of retirement and that way people won’t have to worry about losing Anna Benson.


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