Megan Fox Black Dress And Seoul Premiere

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

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Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf were in Seoul, South Korea on Tuesday (June 9) as part of their “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” promotional trip throughout Asia. The event was held at the Yongsan CGV, and the actors were accompanied by director Michael Bay.

The talk of the evening stems from the Black Dress, with sheer or translucent panels, that Fox sported, creating a frenzy of internet surfers, which of course are mainly guys. The second that the public got wind that the so called Angelina Jolie heir out did the gown she wore to the Tokyo premiere, web searches skyrocketed for “megan fox black dress” and “megan fox seoul premiere.”

And Well here are some fantastic pictures of Megan Fox blowing me some kisses along with some of the other cast members and explosion aficionado Michael Bay (not blowing me kisses) in Tokyo, Japan for the premiere of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen on June 8th. The movie will open in theaters everywhere on June 24.


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