Be-itch is too good for church

Monday, 26 May 2008

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Beyonce Knowles says she is so famous she can no longer go pray at church, saying she gets mobbed by parishioners. Bitch please

‘I can’t really go to church anymore, which is a shame. People have come up to me in church during the sermon and, of course, people watch everything I do.’
They come up and take pictures on their mobile phones too. They are very nice, but I think God understands if I miss Sunday service!’ the singer said.

Awww it must be hell with people kissing your ass at church when they should be praising God. How horrible for you. While the Preacher and Church members try to help the community you can get inside your Bentley and drive to your $80000000000 home and laugh at the homeless on your way home. If you didn’t have your pimp/father have you banged half the industry and get purchased by JJ Evans i mean Jay-Z you would be begging for change by that homeless vet who accomplished more in their life than you ever will. Just cause you got a Star on the Hollywood walk of fame for releasing two albums (WTF) that help dumb down Hollywood and America in general doesn’t make you any better then anyone. It just makes you an overrated product. Now dance and shake your ass for my $8.99 (


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